Cooking with kids: fruity flapjacks

Keep the little ones occupied for a bit, then teach them the importance of sharing… these delicious flapjacks with you! I’m a food writer and founder of Cook First – and I’m passionate about teaching people how to eat healthily in an uncomplicated way on a tight budget. My recipe for a simple, healthy, entirely unprocessed flapjack,Continue reading “Cooking with kids: fruity flapjacks”

The Archers Recap June 15th – 18th

A month into socially distanced Ambridge. I have to start here with the devastating news that my parents, after 35 years of listening to the Archers, have thrown in the towel. This basically means that 2/3 of my viewers for these recaps have gone. Luckily I’ve still got my mum’s friend Sarah. My lost strongContinue reading “The Archers Recap June 15th – 18th”

Moms: Get in the Picture!

Is there a word or phrase that when you hear it, you just start to feel all icky inside? For some people it’s things like “moist” or “juicy” or “kumquat.” (Honestly though, what kind of word is kumquat?!?!) For me, the phrase that makes my stomach drop is “Oh no, that’s ok, just take picturesContinue reading “Moms: Get in the Picture!”

Never buy another greeting card again! – Saving family memories

My first child was born a week before Father’s Day 2014. The pressure was majorly on to get a card and present to memorialize the event. Off I trotted to CVS, where I stood in a gaudy aisle staring at row upon row of horrendous cards with naff phrases on them. None of them reallyContinue reading “Never buy another greeting card again! – Saving family memories”

The Archers Recap June 8th – 11th

Week three of the new style Archers. I feel this was a pivotal make or break on whether they would keep my listenership. Although who am I really kidding? I’m an unemployed mother of three unable to leave the house due to a pandemic, of course I’ll keep listening. Don’t tell the BBC though. IContinue reading “The Archers Recap June 8th – 11th”

When the clapping Stops

There is a moment before you enter the room when you pause. You review your PPE.  Do I have a surgical mask over the N95? A face shield over my glasses? Is the gown tied tight enough? You pause. Is this droplet or is it airborne? Does anyone know? Will the PPE work?  You pause. Continue reading “When the clapping Stops”

The Archers Recap June 1st – 4th

Well here we are again, batter, bruised, beguiled by the absolute pile of twaddle that was last weeks Archers. But let’s not harp on about that. Some things, much like Ruth’s lasagna skills, don’t need to be repeatedly mentioned. I’ve decided to perk myself up by making a fun game of guessing which characters willContinue reading “The Archers Recap June 1st – 4th”

Home is where the heart is: where to stay during your significant other’s deployment

When Arabella asked me to write a guest post for her blog regarding moving back “home” while my husband is deployed, I had SO many thoughts going through my head regarding what I should say, how much I should share, and how I *hopefully* wouldn’t ramble on and on as I tend to do. First,Continue reading “Home is where the heart is: where to stay during your significant other’s deployment”