The Archers Recap June 15th – 18th

A month into socially distanced Ambridge. I have to start here with the devastating news that my parents, after 35 years of listening to the Archers, have thrown in the towel. This basically means that 2/3 of my viewers for these recaps have gone. Luckily I’ve still got my mum’s friend Sarah. My lost strongContinue reading “The Archers Recap June 15th – 18th”

The Archers recap May 25th – 28th

We’re back friends! It seems apt that I am starting these weekly recaps after a 3 week hiatus from beloved Ambridge. My interest is at an all time high, I’ve missed them all terribly. Maybe not all of them, definitely less Philip than the others. In general I’m not a massive fan of shady Welshmen,Continue reading “The Archers recap May 25th – 28th”