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Hi! Welcome to Raising Truffles! I’m Arabella. I’m from Oxford, in the south of England, most famous for the university, and where Harry Potter was partially filmed. My parents actually got married in the college they use for the dining hall in the films.

A decade ago I moved to NYC to do a teaching degree, I taught 4th and 5th grade in Brooklyn at a highly entertaining, somewhat bizarre duel language school until we left the state.

Since then we’ve lived in Florida, Texas, and most recently Oklahoma. We will be here until 2022. But are hoping we get extended past that.

I’ve got three little piglets. William is 5, Teddy is 4, and Arthur is 1. They are just the most wonderful rambunctious group of kids. They share so many differences, but are so alike in a lot of ways. Sadly none of them have British accents like me, and when we are in the supermarket I often get confused for the nanny. I constantly read online about people who have kids who have English accents from watching Peppa Pig. Let me tell you now. Those people either have their kids in front of it 15 hours a day, or they’re straight up lying. Because 6 years into parenting the most I’ve had is a brief period in 2018 when William said Tom-ah-to a lot. They do at least say Mummy not Mommy.

I’m married to J, he’s pretty fab, but away 6ish months of the year for his job. It’s ok thought, he’s terribly messy, and not having him here is saving me a fortune on tide pods.

We occasionally foster puppies, because I’m a glutton for taking on too much. That’s where I thrive, in chaos. I’m pretty good at giving them up when they get adopted, aside from our Bertie who we have had since he was 5 weeks, and is now a huge 58lb 6 month old puppy. He’s into everything, and a very naughty double act with Arthur. I adore watching them grow up together.

A few other fun facts. I absolutely live to start projects, complete them 95%, then never ever finish them. I’m not mad about it, it’s who I am. I can accept that. One day maybe I’ll do all those 5% little things that are left. But probably not, I most likely will spend that time watching Bravo or Law and Order, and writing scenarios in my head where Benson and Stabler end up together. I also adore a radio show about farmers on BBC Radio 4 called The Archers. Check it out. You won’t regret it (and if you do don’t tell me!) Then discuss tail rot on pig farms with me. I’ve got a lot of thoughts.

I have very few pet peeves, and I’m generally pretty laid back. However I think it’s important to note that the fact that Americans use the phrase “I could care less” instead of “I couldn’t care less” is the number one reason I may one day leave my husband and move home. If you COULD care less then that means you care USA. Couldn’t means you do not care about it. I also get pretty upset that you can’t get iPlayer here. Don’t bother emailing the BBC about it. They won’t reply.

I’m so glad you’re here, this entire blog is littered with typos, don’t bother pointing them out. But if you click a link and it sends you to the wrong place please do tell me that, I hate cruising the interwebs, finding a craft I want to do, and being directed to plates on the Macy’s website. Thanks for stopping by, I really am so pleased you found me.

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