Moms: Get in the Picture!

Is there a word or phrase that when you hear it, you just start to feel all icky inside?

For some people it’s things like “moist” or “juicy” or “kumquat.” (Honestly though, what kind of word is kumquat?!?!)

For me, the phrase that makes my stomach drop is “Oh no, that’s ok, just take pictures of the kids. I don’t actually want to be IN them. Thanks.”

This is what I hear by every mom at every photo shoot.

It. Needs. To. Stop.

Here are the most common excuses:

I’m not wearing make-up.
I didn’t get my hair done.
These are my comfy clothes.
I need to lose a few more pounds first.
Ugh I just hate the way I look in pictures.

You know who doesn’t care about ANY of that stuff?!?!

That’s right. Your kids.

Your kids don’t care that you’re not wearing make-up. It means they can squish your face and kiss your cheeks and you won’t worry about messing up your mascara.
Your kids don’t care that your highlights haven’t been touched up in months. They love how your hair feels when it falls across their foreheads as you bend down to tickle them.
Your kids don’t care that your clothes are comfy and not cute or chic or classy. It means you don’t mind getting down and dirty with them to play on the floor or roll in the grass.
Your kids don’t care that you want to lose weight. To them, your body is a beautiful playground of warm hugs and lap snuggles and legs that run and run while you play chase.
Your kids don’t care what you look like in pictures. But they WILL care when they grow up and look back on their childhood and wonder why you weren’t in any pictures!

So here’s my advice. Hear me out because it’s kind of harsh.

Suck. It. Up.
Suck it up and get in the picture.
Suck it up and play with your kid.
Suck it up and smile for the camera.
Suck it up because they will never be this little again.
Suck it up because you will never get this time back.
Suck it up because you cannot re-create these moments, or re-capture these memories.

Suck it up because your kid thinks that YOU are the most beautiful woman on the planet. 

Yes, even in pictures. And when they look at those photos years down the line, all they will ever see is the woman you are – kind and loving and playful and fun.

They will see you holding them up in the sunshine, playing peek-a-boo with their favorite toys, turning blankets into parachutes and superhero capes and forts, and swinging them around and around until they are dizzy with joy.

They will see you drawing pictures with chalk on the sidewalk, baking cakes and spilling flour on the floor, vrooming trucks all over the carpet, and smelling the flowers in bloom.

Your kids see you in the best light possible.

So how can you get that perfect family shot? Here are some tips to make it happen.

All your kids need is you, wonderful you, to get in the picture.

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