Cooking with kids: fruity flapjacks

Keep the little ones occupied for a bit, then teach them the importance of sharing… these delicious flapjacks with you!

I’m a food writer and founder of Cook First – and I’m passionate about teaching people how to eat healthily in an uncomplicated way on a tight budget. My recipe for a simple, healthy, entirely unprocessed flapjack, is not only a great alternative to packaged snacks – it’s also a fun way to spend time with the kids.

These flapjacks are a great way to get your kids into cooking. Don’t worry about little fingers or creating a mess; there are no knives or complex kitchen equipment involved. This recipe also provides an opportunity for you to engage your children in the sugar debate and show them how natural fruit sugars can taste just as great while being less harmful. 

The recipe is also fantastically versatile – you can use gluten-free oats, skip the nuts, replace banana with sunflower seed butter, or even adapt it so it’s grain-free by using quinoa flakes etc. My intention is to make these recipes easy and for everyone. Don’t have jumbo oats? Use oatmeal. Don’t have dried apricots? How about cranberries? Are your kids allergic to dairy? Use coconut oil or vegan spread in place of butter ☺ 

And the best part – you’ll probably be able to whip up a batch by yourself in less than ten minutes once you’ve run through the recipe a few times – and let me confirm that they also make a fantastic handbag snack, pre- or post-gym – or just for those days when you need an afternoon pick-me-up that isn’t chocolate.

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