Fruit activities – Day 1

Fruits! Such an exiting theme this week because not only are we getting to do crafts, and learn some stuff, but we are also going to be eating a pretty exciting array of different fruits, some of which the boys have never tried before. The grocery person shopping and delivering my groceries for this weekContinue reading “Fruit activities – Day 1”

Rainbow Activities – Day 4

Friday already. This week sped by. Always the way, the more I like the activities the quicker they go by and all of a sudden it’s over, and tine for the boys to argue about what theme we have for next week. UNTIL TODAY! I’m learning, and the weeks will no longer start with screwing”I.Continue reading “Rainbow Activities – Day 4”

Rainbow activities – Day 3

Happy Thursday friends. Day three of rainbows is here and I’m already so sad we’re over the half way point and it’ll be over tomorrow. Today’s typos will be brought to you from buttery fingers. I’m typing this from the sofa, where the dog is licking toast crumbs off my legs. I should have sortedContinue reading “Rainbow activities – Day 3”

Rainbow activities – Day 2

You know it has been a day and a half when you look at the clock and realize you’ve not FaceTimed your Mum all day. I like to call her when I wake up just to check in on the world. Then after the Archers I call for a full catch up. Not today pals.Continue reading “Rainbow activities – Day 2”

Dinosaur activities – Day 3

Oh how much we enjoyed yesterday and getting so messy with our slime. I’ve found another messy play activity for the boys to do with dinosaurs. I’m saving it for tomorrow though, two messy days in a row sounds entertaining, but I’d never catch back up with the cleaning and tidying, so I’m saving itContinue reading “Dinosaur activities – Day 3”

Rainbow activities – Day 1

Oh how I’ve been looking forward to this theme. I just love rainbows. We’re a little behind the rest of the civilized world, especially the UK, on doing rainbow crafts though. They have become the symbol of support for the NHS, and every child in Great Britain seems to have already made one for theirContinue reading “Rainbow activities – Day 1”

Dinosaur activities – Day 2

Disclaimer for dinosaurs day 2. There was no formal “academics today”. Instead the boys made slime and just played an imaginary game with it and their dinosaur figurines. I think they learn just as much through play to be completely honest, but if you’re here for a link or a worksheet, today isn’t the dayContinue reading “Dinosaur activities – Day 2”

Dinosaur activities – Day 1

New week! Welcome pals! This week we took a poll between the boys for a theme. Teddy wanted rainbows, William wanted dinosaurs. I wanted rainbows, but I don’t really get a say. I told them they had to agree who would go first, and who would have to wait until next week. I honestly thoughtContinue reading “Dinosaur activities – Day 1”

Telling the time activities – Day 1

In a highly controversial move this week I am……drumroll……. not just cobbling together some insane Pinterest crafts on a theme I’ve pulled out of thin air. This week I am teaching an entirely new concept. Most of what we do at home is a review of skills the boys already semi know. I have notContinue reading “Telling the time activities – Day 1”

Bird Week Activities – Day 4

Blink and you could have missed it friends. The week is over already. Now for a two day stretch of pajamas, loud arguments over iPad time, and constant snacks to fill the void of having no schedule to tell us what to do. I may write a post about our schedule this weekend. That wouldContinue reading “Bird Week Activities – Day 4”