Rainbow activities – Day 2

You know it has been a day and a half when you look at the clock and realize you’ve not FaceTimed your Mum all day. I like to call her when I wake up just to check in on the world. Then after the Archers I call for a full catch up. Not today pals.Continue reading “Rainbow activities – Day 2”

Dinosaur activities – Day 2

Disclaimer for dinosaurs day 2. There was no formal “academics today”. Instead the boys made slime and just played an imaginary game with it and their dinosaur figurines. I think they learn just as much through play to be completely honest, but if you’re here for a link or a worksheet, today isn’t the dayContinue reading “Dinosaur activities – Day 2”

Bird Week Activities – Day 4

Blink and you could have missed it friends. The week is over already. Now for a two day stretch of pajamas, loud arguments over iPad time, and constant snacks to fill the void of having no schedule to tell us what to do. I may write a post about our schedule this weekend. That wouldContinue reading “Bird Week Activities – Day 4”

Telling the time activities – Day 2

Starting today with some boring teacher-y admin. If you’re teaching anyone anything new, they may get it at the moment you teach it. They’ve stored it in their short term memory. However for them to really know it, they have to move that information to their long term memory. This is why you have toContinue reading “Telling the time activities – Day 2”

Telling the time activities – Day 3

Day 3 on telling the time! The weather in Oklahoma has turned a corner, and temperatures are on the rise. We don’t have a huge window before it’s too hot to do anything prolonged outside. So today I made the most of the sunshine and took the boys outside for our academic time. More onContinue reading “Telling the time activities – Day 3”

Bird Week Activities – Day 3

3/4 of the way through our bird week! Welcome to day 3! I’d like to start by saying that although I’m sure every blog post I write is littered with typos, this one will probably have even more, as I’m typing whilst watching Midsomer Murders, which requires most of my attention. Yesterday I promised I’dContinue reading “Bird Week Activities – Day 3”

Bird Week Activities – Day 2

Refreshed and relaxed from taking yesterday off to do absolutely nothing, here we are, Wednesday. Let’s be having you. When I say we did nothing yesterday, I truly mean it. No one got dressed. No one saw a hairbrush. We watched an amount of Scooby Doo that could have had us confused for sophomore stoners.Continue reading “Bird Week Activities – Day 2”

Bird Week Activities – Day 1

Back in what feels like another life young me went on quite possibly one of the weirdest job interviews ever, got the job, and literally started 24 hours later teaching 5th grade in Brooklyn. I’m pretty sure she would have had to start that day if I hadn’t had to go home for my babysitter.Continue reading “Bird Week Activities – Day 1”