Pirate week Activities – Day 4

I suppose it’s lucky really that time seems to be going so quickly. I know we shouldn’t wish our lives away, but every day that passes is hopefully one less that we all have to be at home in this strange social distancing situation. How are you all coping out there? We have survived our first week without J. The house is in a pretty chaotic state, but I’m not feeling too stressed about it…. yet. I generally like to coast along in the chaos, then all of a sudden freak out about it, irrationally, at a bizarre time. Perhaps that will happen this weekend, something to look forward to!

Today we made the cutest little pirate rafts our of popsicle sticks. It involves the use of a glue gun so I had to be pretty hands on with helping the boys with that. I used 13 sticks for each raft. Two for the bottom supports, then ten on top. The final stick is for the mast. I just wedged this in between popsicle sticks 5-6 on the top. I suppose you could glue it on or something, however Arth was eyeing up the glue gun, and I wanted to be done ASAP, so I didn’t bother.

For the craft you will need

  • Markers or crayons
  • pencil or pen
  • Glue gun and glue gun sticks
  • 13 popsicle sticks
  • scissors
  • craft paper
  • Person template, or extra popsicle stick

I found a cute little “pirate popsicle” idea online for the boys to follow to make their own pirates. Ive linked the webpage below in the resources. It uses a popsicle stick to make a little pirate puppet. However, I happened to have a few of these “pick a student” sticks lying around, so the kids used them instead.

Whilst the boys giggled and focused on drawing their pirates onto their sticks I glued the rafts together for them, using the glue gun. Online they use plain popsicle sticks, but I only have colored craft ones so I just grabbed yellow and orange. Arthur is two days into an INCREDIBLY whiny stage. Im sure my others must have gone through it too, and I’ve just blocked it from my memory as a survival technique, but boy this is draining. He is only not whining is he is either being held, or being allowed to do exactly what he pleases. So here he is using a marker to draw on one of the rafts. I’m picking my battles, whilst also trying to keep control. Parenting alone makes things so much more challenging sometimes. If John was here I be less tired, so more patient, and I’d also be able to prep and set up more activities for the kids in advance. I find Arthie is fine when he’s actually doing something to distract him, but when I’m getting anything ready he is unbearable. Just taking it one day at a time!

I knew that we were going to actually try and “sail” our rafts, so we needed sails. I gave the boys a choice of colored paper or printer paper, and drew them a basic rectangle as a guide. Then I told them they could draw whatever they wanted on their sails. It’s such a teeny thing, allowing kids to have complete creative control, but you’d think you were offering the moon, they absolutely love being in charge. William of course called his “The K’Nex Ship”. Teddy’s could not be more Teddy. He drew two babies, and apparently one baby is running away from the other in disgust. I wrote what was happening next to his picture. It’s very empowering for kids having their pictures labelled by adults. It makes them feel like their work is valued and important. I put a quick 3rd sail together for Arthie to use, nothing fancy, just something to avoid a meltdown when he realized he didn’t have the same as his brothers.

Once I’d attached the sails to each of the rafts (with a little extra glue) we were ready for our maiden voyages! Just like Wednesday we used our trusty laundry baskets as individual oceans. The boys absolutely loved sailing them, in fact what I thought would be a ten minute splash about ended up in nearly an hour of them outside, blowing them along, watching the wind carry them, seeing how they could sink them etc. We all agreed we wouldn’t put the pirates in the water as they were cardboard, so we went and got the Duplo box and used those figures instead.

Because we spent so long outside playing with our craft today, I opted for a much shorter educational activity for the day. Whilst I was researching for the weeks work of activities I discovered this amazing pirate unit for FREE! To be honest there is probably a weeks worth of activities here alone. However I just chose some handwriting practice sheets. I printed two double sided and laminated them. Then I gave them to the boys with some trusty expo markers. William of course finished considerably faster than Teddy, so I gave him a graphic organizer about pirates to fill the last 1 minutes before rest time. I HIGHLY recommend checking these printable out, its a pretty comprehensive collection of Pre K-K ideas all themed for pirates.


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