Shark Week Activities – Day 4

And so sadly another week comes to an end. Sharks really was everything we could have hoped for from a learning theme. We already had a ton of books about them, Youtube gave me multiple options for informational videos that made the kids giggle, and gave me time to make a coffee, brush my hair,Continue reading “Shark Week Activities – Day 4”

Racing Paper Worms

And now for something completely different! A few weeks ago, when this whole pandemic/lockdown pitch became a real long term possibility, I got online and grabbed a whole ton of links to resources I thought I may eventually want to try out. Today we attempted one of them: making and racing paper worms. What makesContinue reading “Racing Paper Worms”

Famous Artists – Day 2

It’s not even worth pretending I was not feeling mighty smug about how much we had all enjoyed looking at ‘Starry Night’ by Van Gogh yesterday. I’d originally planned on doing a different painting on each of the 5 days we were going to cover famous artists. However, when the kids were still talking aboutContinue reading “Famous Artists – Day 2”

Shark Week Activities – Day 3

I’m going to be honest, I originally planned to do sharks every day this week, Monday – Friday. However yesterday I woke up with a banging headache, and a bit of an attitude problem, so I completely and utterly avoided any school work with the kids at all. Here’s the good news, everyone survived! TheseContinue reading “Shark Week Activities – Day 3”

Famous Artists – Day 1

If there is one thing in this world that I absolutely adore, it is looking at art. I have absolutely not a clue however, when it comes to doing the actual art. Half my life ago in an art class we were asked to raise our hands if we wanted to do art GCSE. IContinue reading “Famous Artists – Day 1”

Shark Week Activities – Day 2

Well pals, yesterday was a blast. We learned a ton of very obscure, most likely unimportant, shark facts, and highly enjoyed making our moveable sharks. They’ve been played with repeatedly, and Im proud to announce the google-y eyes have all held up. Thanks a bunch Elmer’s glue. I was skeptical. I just wanted to addContinue reading “Shark Week Activities – Day 2”

Shark Week Activities – Day 1

This week our focus for school work is everything “shark”. The boys are heavily into sharks and megladons at the moment, so I promised them a week of jolly jaws. Luckily it’s a very popular theme, and I found a million resources online, unlike that time last month when my 5 year old asked forContinue reading “Shark Week Activities – Day 1”